Prométhée Earth Intelligence chooses CS GROUP

Communiqué de presse Prométhée Earth Intelligence

CS GROUP has been selected by Prométhée Earth Intelligence, the NewSpace operator of nanosatellite constellations for Earth Observation, whose mission is to make the Earth accessible to all for a safer, more sustainable world.

Supported by CNES, the French Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Industrial and Digital Sovereignty as part of the France Relance plan, and by the European Union as part of NextGenerationEU, JAPETUS aims to offer Earth Observation data to players in the environment, climate change, security and defense sectors. Thanks to the 20 nanosatellites in this constellation, the areas to be protected will be observed every 45 minutes at European latitudes, an improvement in revisit rate of a factor of 10 compared with currently operational space systems.

The performance of JAPETUS in terms of observation frequency, intelligent global coverage and hyper-reactivity, combined with on-board Artificial Intelligence capabilities and integrated with the ground data processing platform developed by CS GROUP, will enable the implementation of numerous innovative services such as the surveillance of critical sites, ocean protection, the fight against deforestation and illegal fishing, and fire-fighting support.

The image production center developed by CS GROUP contributes to the development of these innovative services

The images acquired by the satellites will be transmitted to the ground segment. The image processing center developed by CS GROUP then processes the data, applying the appropriate geometric and radiometric corrections.

The algorithms will be developed and validated through in-flight calibration and validation. CS GROUP’s experience and expertise will contribute to the development of a highly responsive image center for earth observation, meeting the performance challenges of the JAPETUS constellation. Protométhée Earth Intelligence, the first satellite to be launched in October 2023, will validate all these innovative technologies.