Knowledge is power to act

Land use planning

The world population is expected to reach 9 billion people by 2050. Numerous problems are to be anticipated concerning urban planning due to demographic pressure on the territories, access to food and therefore crop management.

Urbanization is a fundamental element in the structural transformation of a country’s economy, and in this context, urbanization raises particular issues in terms of development. Indeed, it must be oriented towards more sustainable activities, which leads to the need to think of the city differently. This emergency situation requires new synergies, the involvement of all the actors of a society, and an increased sharing of knowledge in order to find solutions to face the challenges of tomorrow.
Analysis and decision-making tools and services: land use, agriculture, preservation of natural areas, etc.

Prométhée Earth Intelligence assists local authorities and government departments in charge of planning and development to make a detailed assessment of their territory and its evolution by providing extensive and up-to-date knowledge of the desired urban and peri-urban space. Monitoring urban dynamics and ensuring the sustainable development of cities

Urban planning

  • Soil identification and classification
  • Simulating and calculating the impact of urban plans
  • Decision support for urban plans

Agricultural management

  • Crop identification and classification
  • Simulating and calculating crop impact
  • Decision support for farm planning