The Japetus constellation

Hyper-reactivity, real time and global coverage

constellation japetus

A very high revisit and high resolution constellation


The multiplication of the areas of interest and the strong dynamics of the activities to be observed require faster observation frequencies. The Promethee nanosatellites, each weighing less than 50 kg, will be equipped with multi-spectral sensors with sub-meter resolution.


With the 20 satellites of the future Japetus constellation, the areas to be monitored will be observed every 2 hours on average and up to every 45 minutes, an improvement of a factor of 10 compared to traditional space systems.


Combined with on-board AI capabilities integrated with the ground-based data processing platform, Japetus will enable automatic monitoring of sites, borders and large areas up to several dozen times a day.


A hyper-reactive dual observation system for operational emergencies


A hyper-reactive dual observation system for operational emergencies


Some situations require responsiveness, and therefore alerts, in real time. Thanks to an unprecedented inter-satellite connectivity with the Kineis constellation, Promethee will allow its users to program its nanosatellites and receive alerts in a priority and urgent manner, in a few tens of minutes, from any point on the globe, whether in the middle of the Pacific Ocean or Sahel, and at any time of day, without any heavy infrastructure: a simple ultra-portable terminal is all that is needed.


This unprecedented capability will meet operational needs for real-time observation capabilities in complex and contested environments.


Strengthening the resilience of sovereign capabilities


By its global and quasi-persistent nature, combined with its ease of use, Japetus complements both current legacy satellite resources, offering global coverage but infrequent access, and persistent but geographically restricted and vulnerable surveillance resources operated by UAVs.