Le Kollektiv – Digital New Space Kollektiv by Prométhée Earth Intelligence

The Kollektiv aims to foster European cooperation in New Space by building a strong digital team in the field of Earth observation. To this end, Prométhée Earth Intelligence has set up and coordinated a network of 10 European companies, all sharing the conviction that one of the essential characteristics of New Space is the hybridization of the space industry with the digital world.

In addition to Prométhée Earth Intelligence, the partners are 5 French companies:

  • LTU, expert en vision par ordinateur ;
  • IdPlizz, blockchain and smart ID verification company;
  • VisioTerra, scientific consultant in Earth observation;
  • Geo4i, geo-intelligence specialist;
  • Magellium, expert in Earth observation data processing and geo-intelligence;

As well as 3 German women:

  • Ororatech, expert in forest fire detection and monitoring from space;
  • Mundialis, expert in geodata analysis and processing ;
  • Climate&Company, think-tank in sustainable finance;

And 1 Romanian :

  • Nordlogic Software, a company specialized in the development of software solutions.

To date, the 3 main axes of deployment are the following:

  1. Develop and propose innovative and competitive contributions to help achieve the objectives of the European Green Pact and the European Commission’s cooperation and development agendas;
  2. Make significant contributions to the environmental challenges derived from the UN Agenda 2030 and the COP21 Paris Agreement;
  3. Implement attractive and innovative Earth observation-based services that support the planning, implementation and outcome evaluation phases of Great Green Wall projects.

After less than a year of existence, the Kollektiv teams have developed the “SarbiSat” demonstrator – “the shepherd’s satellite” in Fulani – to meet this last ambition and thus work to combat desertification in the Sahel.